See through your Career

It is essential to understand how careers really work and how people get ahead of others. The fundamental keys to career management are finding out how successful careers are built, figuring out how far you can and want to go, analyzing what’s getting in your way, exposing yourself to new tasks that build your skills and getting noticed by decision makers. All organizations are looking for broad thinkers and bold performers to give fresh opportunities to. Start by thinking more broadly. Focus on activities that are the core of what your organization does.


Build a performance track record, volunteer for projects that will require interacting/presenting with higher management. Many people turn down career opportunities based upon current life comforts only to regret it later when they have been passed by. Most successful careers require moving around during the years that are the most inconvenient and painful – when we have kids in school, not much extra money, and aging parents to manage. It’s all about solving every problem with tenacity while looking for what you haven’t yet done and got yourself in a position to do it. With the speed of change sweeping through business environments, lifelong employment is dead. You will change organizations several times. You will have to move around to where the opportunities are. Build up your confidence. Remember you don’t have to be good at everything to succeed. Don’t wait for other to open the doors, market yourself, seize opportunities, and make things happen for you.

Learning By Solving - Skillingly