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Our mission

Skillingly is built with purpose. Since inception, we’ve been in a intense pursuit of challenging the status quo of the how employees learn at their workplaces. We believe for effective learning in workplaces to flourish, diversity and inclusion of passionate, qualified and quality trainers is the need of the hour. Let’s face it today workplaces is seeing a downward surge of quality trainers and training programs.

We believe that in order for organizations to build future leaders, we need to discover relevant new learning models that will be intensely engaging contributing to a tangible impact. Since the existing training models are slowly fading, we have hardly seen any innovation in the category.  But every person at Skillingly is doing something about it. We believe nothing replaces the human touch when it comes to learning impact, retention, application and ROI.

We Skillingly Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd are a registered company, focused on changing the narrative of the learning paradigm by providing Verified Quality Trainers to Organizations. Our strength is our core asset of a strong business advisory board coupled with phenomenal technological infrastructure that can deal with complexities of scale. Join the journey with us!

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